About Me
Lau Chun Wai (C.W. Lau)
Hong Kong
Bachelor Degree in Computing,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2014)
This is me @ Hong Kong Science Park
My Current City: Hong Kong
Who am I?
I am a web developer from Hong Kong. I graduated at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University by completing my Bachelor Degree in Computing, in 2014.

I am interested in web developing, web security and web UI/ UX design. I enjoy using new techniques to develop new web applications. My Primary development environment (for web) is GAE in Python 2.7. ("PHP + MySQL" is fine for me too!)

I believe a good web developer is not just someone who specializes in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Since web pages can deliver messages and give impressions to the visitors, it is also important to offer a good UI (User-interface) and a good UX (User-experience). A good web developer should take care of this.

Besides, handling web security of an application is the responsibility of the application. As a responsible web developer, knowledge for identifying potential vulnerabilities regarding web security is a must.

Moreover, the web is changing all the time. There are many new techniques/ issues evolving everyday. As web developer, we need to update ourselves to adapt the latest changes in the world.

Based on my belief, I frequently tried to broaden my knowledge on Web Developing towards multiple areas, from the front end to the back end of an application, from UI/ UX design to data processing and server performance. Today, I have built/ involved in projects/ components which involves multiple languages/ techniques. For more details of the works I have done, please visit "My Projects" page. :)

Year 2013 was a wonderful year for me as I was selected as a finalist for two of the worldwide Google contests, Hardcode 2013 and Google Cloud Developer Challenge 2013. Participating in these contests offered me a good opportunity to study the missing parts, practice the new techniques and apply all the skills I have learnt. And most importantly, I believe all the skills I learnt from these contests will be valuable for my future career.
Awards and Achievements
Finalist of Google Cloud Developer Challenge 2013 [codenet] (Region: US, Europe and the Rest of the World), Google Inc. , December 2013

Runner-up of Hardcode 2013 [Appdaptor] in Singapore, Google Inc. and SyScan, April 2013

HKCC Outstanding Student Award Scholarship 2010, Hong Kong Community College, October 2010

Director's List 2010, Hong Kong Community College, October 2010

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